lanning & infrastructure
The Land forms part of an area designated for tourist
development in the local structure plan of 1994 (PDM).

In 1995 Almada de Ouro was designated as a structural
project i.e."a project in the National and Local interest ,
" i.e of key economic importance.

The company developed the Plan Promenor under the aegis
of the Camara Municipal of Castro Marim (CMCM) and this
was duly approved in May 1997 and ratified by the Council
of Ministers in June 1997. Loteamento approval was granted
on 7th February 2001.

In November 2007 the Alvara de Loteamento was finalised with the payment to CMCM of the statutory compensation and the provision of a financial bond for the infrastructure guarantees.

By October 2008 the company had received the relevant environmental approvals to commence the project.

potable water - potable water is supplied in bulk by
Aguas do Algarve to the CMCM, who are responsible for
subsequent distribution to Almada de Ouro and will
connect up to the supply point in Azinhal.
irrigation - there is no significant underground water
within the site and water will be.
1. Brought to the site from the major dam of Odeleite via
a pipeline.
2.Accumulated from runoff from the catchment basin of
the on-site dam with the capacity of 400,000m2.
3. Recycled from the sewage treatment plant following
tertiary treatment.
sewage - agreement has been reached with the CMCM
to design the development sewage treatment plant.
electricity - the existing distribution is inadequate for the
requirements of the development and a new overhead
line is required from Castro Martin to Azinhal passing
through Almada de Ouro on the way.
telephone - the telephone authority has agreed general
connection to the development.
gas - gas supplies will be from 10 tonne .

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